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April 10, 2008



You should post his SSN on the internet, then ask him how he likes it. LOL!

knit chick

You are completely in the right to have the rant. You know me well enough that I'm the same way with privacy. I can't believe someone in his position would even think of posting that type of information without consulting the parents. That is completely irresponsible. What an idiot.


What a dumb butt, my husband would have a heart attack if someone did that...hmmm maybe someone should do that! JK


I finally had to e-mail him, he didn't return my phone call. He responded properly and removed most of what I asked for, but left one of the e-mails....which of course uses my last name. So, while his e-mail was nice and accomodating, he still really must not get the whole point.

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